Ice Roller Skin Cooling Device


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Ice Roller Skin Cooling Device

Ice Roller Benefits
Cold temperatures cause constriction in the skin, resulting in a shrinking effect on the appearance of pores and blood vessels, creating a smoother, more even-toned surface over time. Cold treatments can also soothe inflammation and irritation, which is perfect for those who experience sensitivity or redness in their skin.

When To Use It
Used at the end of your skin care routine or a peel, an ice roller massage soothes and smooths skin aiding in lymphatic drainage as well ,you’ll be hooked!

How To Use an Ice Roller
For an overall treatment that helps reduce puffiness, redness and uneven skin tone, start by rolling across the forehead and temples, working around the eyes, down the cheeks, around the mouth, along the jaw and then downwards on the neck to boost lymphatic drainage and give an overall calm and cool glow to the skin. This also works if you’ve experienced stinging or redness from an exfoliation treatment like microdermabrasion or peel and want to quickly soothe your skin.

If your eyes are tired and puffy, gently roll an ice roller around the under-eye area to bring relief and help shrink inflammation.

After waxing or threading treatments, try rolling the ice roller around the eyebrows and upper lip to soothe stinging and reduce redness.

If you have a particularly irritated breakout, ice-rolling the area helps to soothe any itching and pain and smoothes the overall surface of the skin.

Before bed and at the end of your skin care routine, ice roll your face, neck and chest for a soothing treatment to end the day and ease tension.

I keep mine in the freezer so it's always ready to go . I can imagine it's good for hot flashes too!

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