About This Site

A little about me .  I was born in 1969 in San Diego , Ca to hippie parents who were high school sweethearts. My parents are only 20 and 22 years older than me! They both look great and are very healthy for their age...so that's inspiring. I am married with a 12 year old daughter (yeah, I got a late start on baby having) We also have a little dog named Koda that we rescued in late 2017...I don't know how old he is maybe 4?. We are living in Encinitas, Ca . My investment broker said Generation X is the lost Generation. We are small in size and sandwiched between the Baby Boomers and  the Millennials ...so we have that going for us. But The 80's were awesome , right? Just wish I would have bought property sooner, saved more and wore sunscreen!  

Seems like a main topic of conversation with my friends these days is anti aging, diet ,exercise, true happiness and of course money! Most of us  are looking to save enough to retire in the next few years as well as dealing with aging parents, kids college savings, and some of us have teenagers.

My goal is to create a space that can share and source resources from procedures to products that are truly effective and not a waste of time or money.

The older I get the less interested I am in spending a lot of time "getting ready" I want to be pretty much wash and go! Goal is: Great Skin, brows, lashes, body, hair color and to smell really good. I don't want to fuss with too much makeup, deal with hair extensions or look like I am trying to hard...because I don't want to try too hard, lol.   

The blog will come in time...I'll micro blog on  Instagram